Your rising sign is one of the most powerful points in your chart. We all have a specific tool that we are to master in this lifetime so that your soul can truly rise to its purpose and highest expression. When you understand the energy of your rising sign you align yourself with your greatest superpower and harness the ability to grow, expand and rise into everything that your soul came here to be.  Are you searching for that missing piece? 

Do you feel disconnected from your power? Does it seem like the universe is blocking you at every turn? If so, THIS MASTERCLASS IS FOR YOU! 

In this masterclass, I am so excited to share with you how to utilize your natal chart to uncover what is holding you back, how to shift into innate & unique power so that you can rise to the next level of your life today and well into the future.


Uncover Your Rising Sign

Locate your rising sign so that you can discover your specific tool that you are to utilize as your ultimate growth.

Connect With Your Soul's Super Power

Understanding why and how aligning with your rising sign is so integral to your process of self mastery so that you can co-create with the Universe.

Put All Your Soul Power To Use

Learn how to embody your rising sign so you can master the process of stepping into your soul purpose and rise into your next level of life. 





  “Passionately in service to the brave & curious 21st century woman who are obsessed with living in alignment with what their soul came here to be, Jaz created her women's empowerment business in service to her mission: to inspire soulful self mastery and ensure no woman, lives unbeknownst or in fear of their own power ever again.

In her heart of hearts, Jaz is a certified Evolutionary Astrologer & Empowerment Coach but that is just the tip of the iceberg for this Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon & Sagittarius Rising. Boasting further qualifications as a breath work facilitator, Past Life Regressionist & Hypnotherapist, she utilises these modalities to derive total transformation for her clients and awakens them to the pure magic of living from a place of deep soul awareness for an authentically purposeful life."


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Grab the entire JB Haus Masterclass Suite for just $44 extra!

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Learn absolutely everything on astrology, empowerment, and self mastery

✦Women's Empowerment Basics 
✦Shine With Your Sun Sign 
✦Tarot 101 
✦Natal Chart 101 
✦Midheaven Mastery  
✦Create Your 'Richual' 
✦Understanding Your Sun, Moon, & Rising  

Plus two BONUS masterclasses: 

Soul Signature: How To Read Your Own Damn Chart 
Mindset Mastery: How To Do The Inner Work


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